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  • What Our Patients Say About Us

    How do I even begin to thank you for giving me my life back? Words seem so inadequate. After eight years of horrible pain I am once again excited to begin every day. I can’t fit enough in. It’s just so wonderful to go to the gym, run around shopping and meet with friends – LIVE! I live to l...

    Jason Park, California
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  • What Our Patients Say About Us

    Straight-forward, honest and caring This letter is to thank you for enabling me to continue to act like an 18 year old (even though I am 65). Before contacting you I had severe and debilitating lower back pain for over five years. My fear of having “back surgery” caused me to try virtually ev...

    Peter Gene, WPlook Studio
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  • What Our Patients Say About Us

    The surgery was highly successful Just a brief note of thanks for the support you extended to my mother. The surgery… was highly successful and mother experienced great relief. She is fully ambulatory and self sufficient. I am very pleased with her progress and I am delighted to give you this v...

    jenny, England
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  • What Our Patients Say About Us

    Since the fusion I have been pain free Since the fusion… suffice to say that I have been pain free ever since. In fact this past summer my son and I backpacked with 40 lbs each for 100 miles on the Wonderland Trail around the base of Mt Rainier! I have read the testimonials on your website and ...

    John Zhang, GeneDx
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  • What Our Patients Say About Us

    My local doctors did not notice "Patients travel from all over the world to be treated by these world-class doctors! I am one of thousands of their success stories. Some friends later told me that they thought I would end up in a wheel chair PRIOR to contacting Dr. Bomback. He carefully revi...

    Richa Dutta, WPlook Studio
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